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erera city - the solution

In current Smart City implementations, the cameras and other devices send the data into cloud data centers. There the data are analyzed, and models are created and improved.

Already now more and more computation is done on singe devices at the edge of the network to decrease cloud dependencies and to address challenges such as data security and privacy, high costs and high transmission latency. However, specific hardware requirements for edge devices as well as computational capacity limitations of these devices make current edge computing systems less affordable and still highly cloud dependent.

erera offers the first opportunistic edge computing. Thus computation resources across devices can be utilized by pooling them on demand. Through erera, city operators can benefit from computational capacity and SaaS solutions comparable to that of clouds while maintaining edge computing advantages.

Start actually using your video insights!

Up to 85 % Cheaper

Decrease the amount of costly fibre cables, too many new edge computation devices and utilize much more of the available video material.

Higher Security and Privacy

No single point of failure thanks to distributed processing at the edge.

Up to 8x faster

No need to send everything to the cloud or data centers, just process the data directly where it is created.

Use Cases

Event recognition - enabled by big data - is empowering smart city systems to better sense the city at micro-levels. Thus the departments can make intelligent decisions within short time bounds. The data is mostly collected from public sensors (e.g. infrared sensors and cameras), but also from citizen-owned devices. Video information is particularly interesting, as a wide range of events can be detected. Those are important to the traffic department over public safety up to infrastructure management and other city departments.
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erera city - the product

The core of erera is the Orchestrator. It executes the dApps and thus distributes and coordinates all tasks. The tasks are executed by the Edge OS on the connected devices. Resulting Information and Notifications are sent according to the dApps back to the Orchestrator and to the Control Room as well as other specified receivers. Any action and decisions are sent back to the Orchestrator so the dApp can process them.

For dApp developers we provide an SDK, so the dApps can be optimized for erera networks.

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